What things to write within the area ‘about myself’ associated with CV or resume. Examples

What things to write within the area ‘about myself’ associated with CV or resume. Examples

You need to follow its strict structure and fill in information according to the proposed sections when it comes to writing a resume.

First, come up with what can be done

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List as much as five skills that are main. Observe that the criterion “important – less important” is dependent upon the profession / place, that will be indicated into the name. That you get along well with children or you have a developed artistic taste if it says “Economist”, do not write. With this style of place, you another characteristics.

So what can we state about myself furthermore? Examples:

  • I will be a motorist, I’m sure a karate, i really do n’t have bad habits, I maintain good health and fitness for a basis that is daily.
  • I am a motorist, I have a speech that is competent I’m able to be entrusted aided by the transport of VIP consumers.
  • I am a merchandiser with license, i will go around 5 objects in numerous elements of the town for per day.

They are not certain templates to make use of, but examples – what extra information the applicant can offer about himself to be able to raise the likelihood of finding a task.

The third phrase in the “About Me” block

Having examined the “theory”, let us move to examples for different occupations


The driving license of groups B, C, D. when driving for 15 years. Not just a single accident. I travel all over traffic jams without wasting time. I’m engaged in repair for the vehicle. a thorough understanding of traffic guidelines. Presentable appearance, always neat clothes.


Experience in large, medium and small businesses; make use of clients (enrollment of invoices, mutual settlements), control of the performance associated with enterprise; use contractors; connection with keeping seminars by occupation.


Front-end designer. Languages: HTML5 / CSS3 (Bootstrap3, less), ECMAScript 5 (JavaScript, Jquery), WordPress, MySql. Services: GitHub, Bitbucket.


Connection with using the services of young ones and adolescents aged 3 to 13 years; expertise in tutoring (Spanish, French) for 8 years; higher pedagogical training, control of modern developmental techniques. I understand just how to prepare. Without bad practices.

Director’s assistant

Expertise in traveling abroad; connection with working together with the initial individuals of large companies company names; preservation of high effectiveness in multitasking conditions, 100% preservation of confidentiality. Microsoft Workplace, CRM, 1C. Nice, competent speech.

Peculiarities of writing with regards to the career sphere

For technical professions, such as for example a programmer, designer, engineer, adjuster, operator, tailor among others, particular information is crucial: computer software, equipment, certificates and diplomas, practices. For vocations linked to communication – the secretary, the seller, the administrator, the tutor and many more – besides the narrow expert, interaction abilities are essential. For many vocations individual characteristics are very important: as an example, for the designer, creativity and creative taste will be a bonus.

The list of skills and characteristics that want to be emphasized when you look at the area “About myself” within the resume, hinges on the occupation, the abilities which are sought after at the moment. Make an effort to look he can appreciate you at yourself through the eyes of the employer – for which. In the link between your conclusions, depend on the planning for the resume or CV in its entirety while the filling associated with the “About itself” block in particular.

Where you should place information on yourself? If you post a resume on the net, the system would be posted where it is supplied by the machine – frequently it is the start of the application. When composing an application in term or any other text editor, spot the “About Me” block right after the position desired.